Benefits Of Slide Out Shelves

There are many benefits of slide out shelves, also known as pull out shelves. With that being said, let's get started.

1. Increase Storage Space - Increase the amount of storage space in your kitchen cabinets with slide out shelves. These shelves slide out to you and make it easier to organize your pots and pans, dishes and more. You get way more use out of your kitchen cabinets when you can actually see everything that is in them. You will be using pots and pans you forgot you even had.

2. No More Reaching - No need to bend over and reach far back into your cabinets anymore. Slide out shelves will pull out to you. Elderly individuals especially love these shelves because it keeps them from bending over too much and potentially injuring themselves.

3. Charging Stations - A new movement in the slide out shelf industry are slide out drawers with power outlets. You can now install power outlets inside your drawers to allow for charging of all of your devices (Smartphone, tablet, etc). Having a power outlet in your drawer keeps your phone from getting wet and keeps all of those cords off on your counter space.

4. Durability - These shelves are more durable that the cabinets they are installed in. Slide out shelves were made to last a lifetime unlike the particle board some of your cabinets may be constructed with. This ensures that your shelves will last as long as you do or maybe even longer.

5. Increase Resale Value - Making home improvements is one way to increase the resale value of your home and slide out shelves will do just that. These shelves are a convenience factor and people love to pay for convenience. Although, after using these shelves, you may never want to sell your home anyways.

6. Easy To Access - Access those pots and pans you normally do not want to go looking for. Also, this makes it easier to access your plastic storage containers. No longer will you need to throw all of those containers in one cabinet. Organize them on your slide out shelf for easy access.

7. Organization - As mentioned above, slide outs make your cabinet organization easier to pull off. Its harder to stack plastic storage containers in the back of the cabinet. With the roll-out feature of slide out shelves, you can pull the shelf out to you, allowing you to stack your plastic storage containers easier and more effectively.

8. Multi Use - Not only are slide out shelves for pots and pans but they are also made for spice racks, pantry storage, entertainment centers, kitchen drawers, bathroom cabinets and more. These slide outs serve multiple purposes around your home and will make your storage life easier.

9. Quality Construction - Most slide out shelves are built with quality wood (Baltic Birch is the most popular) and will last a lifetime. Also, there are replacement hardware and glides that will keep your shelf functioning for years to come.

10. Do-It-Yourself - Installing slide out shelves is so easy that you can do-it-yourself from home. Most companies that sell pull out shelf units have instructional videos to teach you how to do so. You can install these shelves for the same amount of money that is costs you to buy them. Save money by not having to hire a cabinet installer to do this for you. 

If you are interested in purchasing slide out shelves for your kitchen cabinets, click here to go to our product page. 

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