Our custom made to fit pull out spice racks can be attached to the cabinet door with a few simple tools.

You will need a level, Phillips Screw driver , 4 Drawer front 1" long screws and some double faced tape

(1)Start by putting 4 squares of double face tape on the front of the slide out spice rack unit. 2 At the top and 2 at the bottom. Position the tape so that it meets the thick part of the cabinet door when they meet.

(2) Level the door and position it where you want it to be, make a couple marks on the cabinet where the door corners align

(3) Pull out the spice rack approximately 1/8" from the frame front

(4) Carefully align the door to the marks you made earlier and press the door into the spice rack and double faced tape

(5) Using a Phillips screwdriver attach the slide out spice rack permanently to the door with 4 drawer front screws (these screws can be found at most hardware stores)


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