There’s a lot of hidden storage space in your tiny kitchen that goes unused because of where it’s located. But is there a way to access that space and make use of it?

As it turns out, there is! Blind pull out shelves are the ultimate answer to all your blind cabinet woes that you can blindly trust!

So, let’s find out how blind pull out shelves work and if they’ll be useful around your kitchen!

What Are Blind Corner Cabinets?

The hidden storage space that we mentioned above lies within what is famously known as the Bermuda Triangle of kitchens; the two-door cabinet at the corner of your counter that usually has one of the doors glued shut!

Why Do We Call Them Blind Corner Cabinets?

You might think the reason they’re named blind corner cabinets is that we blindly try to access the items that are put deep within them. That’s partially the reason; but the main reason why we call them blind corner cabinets is that the ‘glued’ door is either inaccessible or completely missing from the picture, leaving behind a side to the cabinet that we’re ‘blind’ to.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is one we can’t turn a blind eye to! It’s blind pull out shelving! Blind pull out shelves are strategically built to help you access the inaccessible! They slide out to the accessible side of the cabinet and helps bring the item in the corner to the front.

The blind pull out shelves benefit us in a number of ways:

· You no longer have to feel like you’re climbing your way into Narnia by reaching halfway into the cabinet

· All your cabinet contents can be on display with some smooth gliding shelving units

· Increase your storage by up to 50%!

· Be a trendsetter among your friends and family!

Types of Corner Shelving Solutions

The best part about blind corner cabinet shelving solutions is that they aren’t just available in blind corner pull outs! In fact, there’s a number of shelving units that can be installed in your corner cabinet that’ll make your corner cabinet space useful and accessible. For starters, we have pull out trays. Moreover, there are D-shaped Lazy Susans available that rotate with ease to bring forth the items hidden at the back.

You can also have your blind corner pull out shelves made to fit your cabinet dimensions so you don’t have any problem installing them, if you go by our installation guide!