We have all seen them or have them in our kitchens. The corners under our counter tops that are cavernous yet only have a small door leading into them. They seem to be the largest waste of space in kitchen designs and are found to harbor many seasonal or seldom used cooking ware and accessing them seems to require a miners lamp attached to your forehead.

These large areas do serve the purpose of holding your counter tops but do little in aiding the organization of our kitchen cupboards. In the initial design of a kitchen cabinet concept the designer usually has a choice of the lazy susan cabinet that is more expensive and requires a larger amount of wall space or the more economical solution of installing a cabinet that is covered by the cabinets coming into it at a right angle thus creating what is called a blind corner.


There are several products made to help the homeowner access a blind corner . We are not showing the half moon unit as from experience we have found this item to waste more space than necessary. So for this article we will only be speaking of two methods which are the wire pull out system and our own wood system.

The chrome wire blind corner pull out system consists of two steel frames with adjustment holes to allow the four chrome baskets to be adjusted by the home owner.This system is made for blind corners with a 15 inch door opening and the total unit is 26 inches wide and 20 inches deep which leave a vast amount of space left available but does allow some storage access to the blind corner area. Full extension drawer slides combined the steel framing has a total system weight capacity of 100 pounds. The 15 blind corner system weighs in at 61 lbs minus the weight of the base which is approximately 10 lbs allows about 49 lbs of storage weight.

                         Chrome Blind Corner System

The blind corner connection by Slide Out Shelves LLC consists of two individual pull out shelves that are each mounted onto 100 pound weight capacity full extension slides. This system is made in five different door opening sizes including 15,18 and 20 inch. The front pull out is made for these opening sizes and is a full 22 inch deep. The other shelf mounts into the blind corner area and measures 20 inches wide and 22 inches deep allowing for much more storage area than the chrome system above. This system works by sliding the door shelf completely out which allows the shelf in the blind corner area to slide over giving access to it contents and since they are individual shelves your total weight capacity is twice what a chrome system allows

Blind Corner Unit Installed Inside of Cabinet

Front door shelf out back shelf slid over

Overhead view inside of cabinet

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