Kitchen Pull Out Shelves Explained

From a cabinet makers point of view a kitchen cabinet is simply a box that holds the homeowner’s goods and nothing more, the real style of a cabinet is found on the outside in the framing or door and drawer detail which is why most displays are mostly of door or drawer details.

 As a homeowner your first impression of a kitchen cabinet reinforces the cabinet maker’s point of view, you are usually attracted to the detailing of the doors and drawers and the color choices as these are the items that show your taste and style of your kitchen and home. Considering that cabinetry is one of the more expensive items in your home, shouldn’t there be as much focus on the entire cabinet and its design for daily usefulness?

 The most common statement heard from homeowners is, “I love my cabinets, but they just are not functional.” This statement occurs when the homeowner begins to store their items inside the cabinet and discover that the little shelf in the middle of the cabinet is not large enough to hold many items or that the base of the cabinet is deep and under this small shelf where items are stored and difficult to see.

 Cabinet sliding shelves spice racks and storage organization:

 Flat sliding shelves: A flat slide out shelf has little or no use inside of the kitchen cabinet unless your storing a heavy item that doesn’t slide on the shelf easily such as a printer most other items will tend to slide on the surface on the shelf and fall off.

 Short Sidewalls: This is the minimum and most economical sliding shelf for kitchen cabinets. A slide out shelf with 2-inch-tall sidewalls will hold stackable items such as pots and pans and the sidewall will help to prevent the stack from sliding off the shelf while in motion. The short sidewall sliding kitchen shelf is also useful in combination with standard size pull out shelves to provide 3 or four tiers of sliding shelves in the base cabinet space.

 Standard Pull Out Shelves: The standard pull out shelf for kitchen cabinets is 3 to 3 ½ inch tall shelf which is also the standard drawer height. These sliding shelves allow stackable items a little more stability as the sidewalls is usually at least even with the second tier of stackable items. Given that these shelves are relative to most top kitchen drawers they also provide visual conformity.

 Tall Pull Out Shelves: A five inch tall pull out shelf is commonly the tallest sidewalls found in base cabinets but actually is better used in pantry cabinets. If the cabinet is used to store tall lightweight items, this taller sidewall helps to prevent tipping.

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