According to the National Association of Homebuilders, kitchen remodeling projects are the 2nd most-demanded home renovations, which amounted to 78% of last year’s total home improvement projects alone!

So, if you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, you’re not alone. However, a standard kitchen remodeling project can cost up to $23,166!

Not all of us have that kind of money lying around! But does that mean we give up on our dreams to remodel the heart of our house?

Absolutely not!

It just means we have to find cheaper and smarter hacks to remodel our kitchen on a budget!

Stick to the Floor Plan!


The best way to remodel your kitchen without racking up your costs is to not disturb your kitchen layout. If you stick to the general framework of how your kitchen was initially laid out, you’ll save a lot of breaking-down and putting-back-together costs.

Moreover, this way, you keep the damage to the minimum, so if you run out of capital in the middle of a project, you won’t be left with the ruins of what you once called your kitchen!

Spruce Up the Cabinets!

Your kitchen is the heart of your house, but the heart of this heart is its cabinets! Rather than going all out with a remodel; start small and redo your cabinetry. Doing your cabinets helps you organize your cooking space and even maximize your storage so that your utensils and spice jars aren’t cluttering your counter space!