What are pull out shelves ? Why do I need them? Where should I put them?

These three questions are often asked about about pull out shelves and under cabinet shelving.

Let's begin:

What are pull out shelves?
The most common phrase used for a drawer that is installed inside of a cabinet with doors is the phrase “pull out shelves,” but they are also called "slide out shelves," "drawer shelves," and roll out shelves."

The "shelf" is usually a drawer with sidewalls in various heights, rather than a flat board or shelf, as the phrase would describe. The pull out part of the phrase would describe a product that simply sits in the cabinet such as a box that would be pulled out. Pull out shelves have drawer slides attached to them that allow the drawer or shelf to slide in and out of the cabinet rather than being pulled. The great benefit of sliding shelves is being to make much better use of the space in the back part of deep cabinets, and the improved organization you achieve when you can access every item so much more easily. With pull out shelves, you will be able to access and utilize any cabinet with the least amount of stress.

Why do you need pull out shelves?
The need to access and properly organize or better utilize your kitchen and pantry cabinets is the main reason that every cabinet should have shelves that roll or slide out. The simple act of being able to make the shelf come out of the cabinet makes this product worth adding to your home. After all, doesn’t your refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven have a slide out shelf, rack or tray? Large appliance manufacturers understand the importance and convenience of sliding shelves and their products are wider than most of your cabinet openings and some have lights inside of them.

Where do you install pull out shelves?
Our shelves are made to fit any kitchen cabinet, pantry cabinet, bathroom cabinets under sinks, or just about any cabinet storage space in your home, RV, or office. Slide Out Shelves will answer your questions, and help give you ideas about which sizes to choose and how to arrange your shelves to maximize the use of your space.

So where can I use pull out shelves in my home? EVERYWHERE!  Call Slide Out Shelves, LLC today to discuss your sliding shelf and storage needs: 1-866-374-3583.

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