Like most cabinets in the kitchen area most pantry cabinets are simply a box with shelves inside that store items but can be difficult to use and utilize. The good news is that most pantry cabinets can be retrofitted with sliding shelves that will make accessing and utilizing this area much simpler.

Pantry shelves typically are adjustable up and down allowing for multiple heights of goods stored yet getting to those goods that are in the back of the cabinet always presents a problem. How often have you purchased items that you later found you already had but could not find inside your pantry cabinet? If you could pull out the pantry shelf without everything falling off the shelves would your life be somewhat easier?

Pantry pull out shelves from Slide Out Shelves LLC can make finding and accessing items in your pantry cabinet simpler and will make your life easier. With our simple measuring guide most home owners will find that measuring properly for installing pull out shelves for themselves is easier than may be first imagined. Combine the measuring guide with or installation guide and videos, the enjoyment of having pantry shelves that roll out can be possible for most do it your self projects.

If your pantry cabinet has adjustable shelves, adding pull outs onto each shelf will give you the ability of adjustable pantry pull out shelves simply by using our optional base mount brackets which allow the pullouts to be directly mounted to the existing cabinet shelf or using the available pilaster system added to your cabinets you can have fully adjustable pull out shelves.

The pantry pull out shelves found in these photographs were retrofitted into the customers existing pantry cabinets and are made to look like they were part of the cabinet all along.


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