Adding slide out shelves to kitchen cabinets can improve the storage capabilities and ease of access but before you start looking for a one size fits all slide out shelf scenario take a moment to look at the different items that you store in both your base kitchen cabinets and your pantry cabinets and you should immediately see why there are not just a roll out tray that works for cabinets.

Starting with your base cabinets there are pots and pans that are made to be stacked and with a short sidewall slide out shelf  such as the 2 3/8 inch tall or 3 1/2 tall drawer, you can easily access and remove the pots or pans by their handles. If you choose a taller sidewall to store these utensils then the handles take up room inside of the drawer that you typically can use for storage space. 

Most base kitchen cabinets store cooking sheets and platters which are wide or tall and thin yet take up plenty of room inside the cabinet interior. Slide Out Shelves LLC makes a slide out drawer specifically designed for this purpose. The pan/lid organizer allows these items to be stored in an upright position and be easily slid out for easy access.

Do you store tall lightweight or top heavy items in your cabinets such as paper towel rolls or cereal boxes? Then a tall slide out shelf is needed such as a 5 or 7 inch tall drawer which will prevent these items from tipping out of the drawer when sliding it from the cabinet. If you are looking to install pantry slide out shelves then consider a drawer with a slanted or tapered sidewall. These drawers are ideal for pantry cabinets as they are tall in the rear to prevent things such as cereal boxes from tipping out yet are short in the front allowing easy visual of items stored in the front of the drawer.

Slide Out Shelves LLC also makes some great slide out spice racks to store all those small spice bottles next to your range or in the upper cabinets. When spices are stored properly they are easier to find.

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