For you, the heart of your home is the kitchen. And for some time, your kitchen has not been in the best of shape.

Messy shelves, underused cabinets, overhead shelving overrun with residue from your everyday ingredients – suffice it to say, your kitchen is a bit of mess. But that’s where we can help you, with our handy slide-out shelving options!

Learning all About Slide-Out Shelving

This shelving option can do a lot more for your kitchen than just help you use dead space. Aside from simplifying your organizing process, slide-out shelving can streamline your cooking techniques and provide easier access to important ingredients and essential cookware.

However, to use this product correctly, you have to carefully plan out its installation.

For Narrow Spaces

Got a bit of space between those base cabinets? Fill it up with a pull-out pantry shelf. Installing a vertical board in between with a pegboard design will not only keep things right, it’ll give you creative space so you can add some magnetic spice bottles to liven things up.

For the Bottom Shelves

Your underused bottom shelves could do with a bit of a makeover. Adding a D-shaped Lazy Susan shelf or spice racks for the base cabinets will allow you to open up the upper cabinets, thus giving you more space for storage.

For the Wide Spaces

Instead of keeping those large cabinets as they are, divide them up so you can have a row of smaller cabinet or pantry drawers. If you’re unsure of the process and how to install sliding shelves in kitchen cabinets, talk to a professional and be sure to give them the exact measurements for your cabinets.

For Garbage Disposal

This is especially important if you have a large family and an always-full trash receptacle. Conveniently hidden, a trash pull-out that’s retrofitted in a base cabinet under your sink will not only keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy; it’ll also make excellent use of an otherwise unusable space.

Boost Your Kitchen’s Character through Slide-Out Shelving

Available in a range of sizes and styles and in your average price range, our selection of products will only add to your kitchen’s design.

From double container trash pullouts to hardware, we have everything you need along with advice on measuring and installation. So if you’ve got any questions, contact Slide Out Shelves LLC at 866-374-3583 and find out how you can make your cooking space even more efficient!


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