For an adventurous cook, you need the perfect tools in your arsenal to come up with culinary masterpieces. Not a collection of the world’s spices and herbs, but with the right ingredients, you can pretty much create magic even with the simplest of concoctions.

And for these ingredients, you need them organized the right way so you can access them whenever you’re in need— that’s where we can help!

The Gist on Organizing Your Spice Rack

- Install the Right Drawer

This is for those once-in-a-while spices and herbs. Slide-out pantry drawers are the perfect option if you want to display your spice collection in an upper shelf. Available in different sizes, these units can store different types of bottles as well. Just remember to not over-stuff the space.

- Get Upper and Base Storage in Your Cabinets

Even with a small budget for a remodel, you shouldn’t have any problem adding these to your cabinets. Sliding shelves and pull-out organizers for spices also come in different sizes and price ranges and since you only need a couple, you don’t really go over budget to begin with.

Easy-to-install, these no-wiggle pull-out drawers and cabinets are a great project for all the DIY-ers. But if you need help, you could always ask us for guidance on how to install sliding shelves in kitchen cabinets.

- Add a Lazy Susan

Got some corner cabinets that have potential for extra storage? Add the D-shaped Lazy Susan base and store all your ingredients and measuring utensils here. Ingredients such as vinegar, hot sauces, salts and sugars – anything you use every now and then should go in that corner cabinet.

- Invest in a Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

Despite being one of the most useful spaces for storage, your cabinets are often underused because you’re not able to utilize the empty spaces above your jars of spices. But with a pull-out cabinet organizer that’s attached to the cabinet door, you get more shelves and greater space for all your jars and bottles. But before purchasing, do your research to find the best-rated pull out cabinet organizer for your kitchen so you get your money’s worth.


- Add Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are not just for cutlery. For the smaller jars of precious spices and herbs, storing them in your drawer’s tray inserts will not only keep them nearby, they’ll look good too and will stay well-organized no matter how haphazardly you use them.

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