They say size doesn’t matter. But this obviously doesn’t apply to kitchen cabinets. Whenever you open the cabinet doors in your kitchen, everything falls out. By now, you’re probably wondering if you have too many things.

But if everything you have is everything you need, there’s more to the problem than a shopping spree gone wrong.

The answer to your problem? You need better storage solutions, especially if you have a small kitchen!

The solution isn’t extending your kitchen; it’s getting creative to make better use of the one you already have. How can sliding shelves in kitchen cabinets—like lazy Susans—help with storage issues? Let’s take a look:

Take Up Less Space

Compared to the usual kitchen cabinets, lazy Susans need comparatively little space. This is because most lazy Susans are installed vertically, especially tiered ones.

Secondly, the “trays” are patterned and designed to take up less space as well. Most pull-out drawers come with kidney-shaped trays. This makes it easier to store and organize everything. It also makes it easier to manage the amount of things you store in one place.

For example: you can store all the spices in the first tray and use the second one to store cooking utensils. This way, you won’t scramble around trying to find everything.

Better Organizing Strategies

It’s funny that a “lazy” Susan can make cooking in the kitchen more efficient!

As mentioned previously, pull-out drawers offer better organization. You can place ingredients in one rack and utensils in the other rack. You won’t have to worry about making a mess in the kitchen and not being able to find what you need in time.

For example: you’re cooking and you realize you forgot to add salt. You scramble around trying to remember where you’ve kept the jar of salt. By the time you do manage to find it, the food’s been burned.

But when you have a lazy Susan, you don’t have to worry. You can simply store all the ingredients in one place and then pull them out when you need them.

Lower Chances of Accidents

Another perk of lazy Susans is that you can lower the chances of accidents in the kitchen. Because you’ll be more organized, you won’t panic when you can’t find anything. That means you won’t be running around trying to find things.

For example: you’re making pasta and you need thyme. The problem is that you’ve stored it on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinets. You stand on your toes to reach the top and lose your balance. You end up injuring yourself.

This won’t be a problem with a Lazy Susan because it’ll be installed at the bottom. You have everything you need within arm’s reach.


Lazy Susans can be extremely beneficial for the kitchen. If you’re looking for custom fit, made-to-order pullout shelves, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re licensed contractors based in Arizona and have been providing exceptional kitchen cabinetry solutions to customers since 2014. Our lazy Susan cabinets are 26” up to 46” in height. Feel free call us at 866-374-3583 to learn more.

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