Kitchen cabinet pull out shelves made to fit

Ordering and installing pull out shelves and drawers for your kitchen and pantry cabinets is not difficult or extremely expensive when you do it yourself with products made to fit by Slide Out Shelves LLC.

We have all seen cheap pull out shelves made of bamboo or thin white wire that work well for a year or two then start to sag in the case of the bamboo drawers or have sticking drawer tracks that make it almost impossible to pull out in the case of the cheap white wire pull out baskets.

For more than 10 years we have been manufacturing made to fit slide out shelves that most homeowners can measure for and install themselves. In this time we have learned a few things about organizing and installation methods that we will attempt to pass onto you our customers.

Slide Out Shelves LLC is located in northern Arizona approximately 90 miles north of Phoenix. We are a family ran business and take pride in the detail of product that we put our name on. Our goal has always been to provide quality products with reasonable pricing, this is why we have never looked to franchise our company which would add another layer of costs. There are several kitchen shelf franchises across the United States that provide a equally sufficient product but at a considerable increased price.If you can use a screwdriver our product can typically be installed within minutes by most homeowners or handy person.

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