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The relationship of your cabinet doors and slide out shelves is a bit complicated. They’re built to stay together, yet they’re always up against each other, at the slightest pull!

So what can be done about this strained and scratched-up relationship? The answer is space! Or more accurately, ‘spacers.’

What are spacers, you ask? Let’s find out!

What are Spacers?

Spacers are installation accessories that put enough spaces between the cabinet doors and sliding shelves so that the hinges aren’t compromised.

Why Do We Need Spacers?

As mentioned above, spacers create space between the cabinet doors and shelves. This ensures that the corners of the shelves don’t come in contact with the inside of the cabinet doors. This is important because upon contact, slide out shelves can scratch up cabinet doors and damage them. The end product is unsightly and can be heavy on your budget!

Advantages of Spacers

As spacers prevent shelving units from harming cabinet doors, it ensures a longer life for both your cabinet doors and the shelves. This, in turn, saves you the cost of reinstalling cabinets and shelves again and again!

This is incredibly significant because according to research, a kitchen renovation can cost up to $34,659 on average!

Therefore, to save yourself from the trouble, buy spacers today!

However, spacers aren’t the only installation accessories that you should be investing in. Kitchen hardware might seem trivial but they make a huge difference around your kitchen and by extension your home!

Kitchen Hardware

Buying premium-quality slide out shelves for your kitchen cabinets would always go in vain if you don’t support them with the right installation hardware.

Along with spacers, there are other installation accessories that ensure safety and durability around your kitchen.

For starters, we have door protectors. They serve a similar purpose to spacers as they protect the cabinet doors from damage by providing a shield between the door and shelves.

Moreover, there are high-quality mounting accessories available that ensure safe and sturdy installation of your kitchen cabinets and shelves.

There’s no point of buying the best slide out shelves in the market and spend money and time installing them, only to have them come out in the middle of the night or become a safety hazard for your loved ones!

Make sure when you buy our made to fit pull out shelves you also buy door protectors and spacers and other installation hardware to ensure a successful installation!

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