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Kitchen Roll Out Shelf 4 7/8 Tall |16 to 26" Wide Openings

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Pull Out Kitchen or Pantry Shelf Drawer 

Our most popular slide out shelf drawer for pantry cabinets
Side walls made with 1/2 Baltic Birch Ply
Available slanted side walls taper from 4 7/8 in the rear to 2 3/8 in the front
Dadoed bottom for strength
1/4 mdf melamine in white or maple 1/4" clear coat birch ply
Rabbet joint construction
100 lb weight capacity
Blum drawer slides included
Total drawer side height: 4 7/8"
Inside Height: 4 1/8"
Made to fit 16-26" wide openings

Can be installed in a base cabinet with base mount brackets and eight screws. Easiest method of installing a roll out tray

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This pull out tray cabinet ships in 2-3 Business Days

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