Q: what is the most common mistake people make in measuring for pull out shelves
A: We find the largest mistake made by customers is in ordering the correct clear opening as some customers think for example that if the opening is 15" wide that they can order 16" clear opening to get maximum benefit. This does not work as the drawer slide has to come through the clear opening. Please do not attempt to cheat the system. If you have any questions we have a toll free number 866-374.3583 or a contact page to get your questions answered.

Q: My slide out shelves were ordered with base mount brackets. There is only one screw holding the bracket to the drawer slide but the bracket has 2 holes, is this going to last and work properly
A. Yes, the bracket only needs to be attached with one screw to work properly. You will typically find this on full extension and soft close ball bearing slides.

Q: I ordered base mount mounting style but the slides are on the side of the drawer
A. Yes, all drawer slides are side mounts meaning they are mounted on the sides of the drawer. Base mount means that the drawer will come with 4 brackets that can be attached to the drawer slide allowing the drawer to be mounted directly to the base of the cabinet or to a existing shelf

Q:I have a 21 3/8 " frame less cabinet opening and want to use base mount to the existing shelves , what size of pull out should I order?
A:Typically we would recommend side mounting for face less cabinets and would also recommend  for a 21 3/8" clear opening that is what you would want to order.
 But since you are adding base mount brackets we recommend a reduction of 1/4" on either side to account for the brackets and screws. 
So if you have a clear opening of 21 3/8" minus total of 1/2" then you would want to order your slide out shelf to fit a 20 7/8" clear opening.
Again, we recommend side mounting on face less cabinets and also to measure front and back of cabinet wall to wall for squareness of the cabinet

Q: Received my pull out shelves with full extension soft close drawer slides and I have one that doesn't want to close all the way while testing them.
A: All drawer slides are tested prior to shipping to confirm they work properly. Install the drawer and you will probably find everything works properly

Q. I have pull out shelves in my cabinets now and want to add more. Do I measure the drawer that I currently have and enter that as the clear opening?
A. Typically the answer is NO, please take a moment to read our measuring guide for proper measuring for slide out shelves

Q. My soft close drawer slides do not want to retract all the way back what could be causing this?
A. Soft close slides are finicky and friction alone will cause them not to work as you describe. What is causing the friction? Check level, plumb and square, one of these 3 are most likely the reason behind the friction. Sometimes it is small enough that simply spray a silicon based lubricate such as WD-40 or similar will solve the problem

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