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Sliding Pantry Drawer 6 Tall |16" to 26" Wide Openings

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  • Sidewalls:   1/2" Birch Ply, 5 7/8" Tall
  • Bottom:  1/4" MDF Melamine or 1/4" Birch Ply
  • Weight Capacity: 75 lbs
  • Drawer Slides: 3/4 Extension or Full Extension
  • Clear Opening Widths: 16" wide to 25 7/8" wide
  • Shelf Depth:   10" up to 24"
  • Lead Time: 2-3 business days


  • Our 6 inch tall pull out pantry shelf is made from 1/2" birch ply that is rabbett joint constructed for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.
  • Standard hand sanded ready-to-finish sidewalls can be ordered with a pre applied UV cured lacquered finish that resists body oils and most other staining.
  • These pantry pull out shelves come standard with 1/4" melamine bottoms that are dadoes into the sidewalls for strength.
  • Choose from either white or a maple look.
  • If you want a bottom that is of the same material as the sidewalls, then then optional lacquered birch ply is your choice.
  • All shelves are available with epoxy coated standard steel drawer slides by Blum®, or can be ordered with optional ball bearing full extension or full extension ball bearing with a soft close feature.
  • Adding the slanted sidewall option is a great designer touch that allows for greater storage flexibility.


Want to know how we build them? Take a look at our Construction page.

Our slide out shelves can be ordered in 1/8" increments to give your cabinets a built in look. The sidewalls of our shelves are made from 1/2" 9 ply baltic birch ply. This is the same material that can be found in surfboards and skate boards.

All shelves have rabbet jointed corners that are glued and pin-nailed.

Shelf bottoms are dadoed into the shelves sidewalls 1/2" up from the bottom and available in either white or maple look 1/4" mdf core melamine or 1/4" birch ply with a lacquered finish. However you choose be assured that any of our bottoms will withstand most heavy loads up to 75 lbs. Inside height of this shelf is approx 5 1/4", total height of sidewalls are 6" The optional base mount L brackets will raise this shelf 1/2".

Wide shelves have stiffener(s) installed underneath the shelf bottom for added strength.

Standard Blum® drawer slides are available with each drawer that we make. Full extension ball bearing drawer slides are also available in either standard or soft close style. Soft close will gently close your drawer the last 1-1 1/4" of its inward travel. Standard drawer slides are 3/4 extension slides i.e. a 20" slide will extend approx 15".

All shelves are rated for 100lbs static 75 lbs dynamic.

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