Installing Pull Out Shelves Inside A Pantry Closet

Many kitchens have a built in pantry closet with fixed shelving that can be converted to pantry pull out shelves.

The most frequently asked question when a homeowner is considering adding pull out shelving is: Won't I lose a lot of storage space? And believe me we have ran into many a packed pantry cabinet. Here's a couple things to remember when adding pull outs to an existing cabinet. 1. When you clean your cabinets out to install your new roll outs it may surprise you how many duplicates are hiding inside your cabinets. 2.Most pantry closets are between 24 and 36 inches deep with a 12 to 24 inch deep shelf. When you install a full depth pull out shelf into the pantry you will typically pick up the space in the front of the fixed shelves that is currently lost space.


 Organizing an area becomes easier when accessing becomes simpler 4. Yes, you typically will loose some space on each side of the pull out system but we have found that most homeowners find ways to utilize that area by re-purposing.

When installing a pull out system inside of your pantry closet always be aware of where the door handle is located so you do not attempt to close onto the shelving. There are door handles available that have a simple button on the closet side of the door and can be installed where adjusting the placement of the roll out shelf is not possible.

In the closet shown in our examples the pantry had 12 inch fixed shelves with a total closet depth of 23 inches. By using special mounting brackets for pull outs that are available at our website we mounted the back of the pull out to the existing fixed shelf and the front of the slide is mounted to the middle of the door jamb.

As shown in the picture below, when pantry pull out shelves are installed access can be made from three sides of the shelf rather than one which makes finding and organizing much simpler "making your life easier".


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